Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm feeling a little better this week. However, I have a poor pillow and today I'm sore all over. I hate that feeling.

I've been thinking about some of my wishes. I think it feels really good to want what I have, and know I don't need anything else. After talking with my husband about his experiences in a third-world country, it makes me reconsider what I think is important. Fewer things, more experiences. I've said this before, but I'm really trying to integrate it into my life. Mainly, having a ton of crap makes me feel bogged down. Have you ever seen the smiles of people who have next to nothing? I have. I want to smile like that.

After watching many Americans on House Hunters (the show on HGTV), I don't want to come off as an entitled, spoiled, unaware American, like many of them do. I love my country. I don't love how its culture encourages laziness and sedentary lifestyles, among many other things. What's so wrong with walking anyway? Why do we need more space, more space, more space?

Here are my wishes as of late:

Figure out what I'm doing in my life.
Figure out whether I actually want to go back to school and earn a Master's degree, or if I want to go back to school because I feel as though it's what I should do.
Keep checking to be sure I'm becoming the person I always thought/hoped I'd become.
Visit the beach. Take some photos. Go to bed with sand in my toes. Don't care about the grit, just be grateful for the ocean.
Be more fearless. Take more risks. Be completely honest all the time. Don't be afraid of what other people might think.
Brush up on my German. Get close to being semi-fluent again. Save money to visit Germany.
Get a puppy. Real soon.


Amy said...

I present to thee Scooba.

yer welcome.

Ash said...

I do not want Scooba. I want a BIG dog. Plus, what would Ty do without his BABY DOLPHIN?

7upkels said...

i am a big fan of wishes...
ever since i can remember, i've made wishes. even now, at age 20....wish, wish, wish.

and i think i want to wish for a puppy soon too!