Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I know I'm a total dweeb. I'm ok with that; I think I've always been one. However, these are the things about which I am excited lately:

- My business cards. Uh, I don't even have the materials to make them yet, and I have no idea how they're going to come together besides hours and hours (and hours) of work, but I am still so excited.

- My photo website. It's going to be awesome.

- I have some paying customers (!!). Plus, I have some photo shoots coming up about which I am extremely excited.

I think, more than anything, I am a photographer (scary to call myself that) because I love doing it. I'd do it for free if I didn't need money to survive in this life. Nothing makes me happier than this; I have been really happy lately.

And lastly, the reason why I can't sleep at night anymore:

Little ol' me will be in attendance. 3 days of shooting film, talking photography and in Park City? I think I'm going to explode. I am so excited. (Even though I mostly shoot digital nowadays. Film owns my heart.)

What's making YOU happy lately?


Heather {J} said...

what's so dweeby about all that? i'm excited for you! especially for film is not dead and paying customers. that's awesome!

i'm just happy with life right now. it's going good. :)

oh p.s. could you email me when you have a chance and we can talk about getting together? oliveanda at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

a new sweater
coffee with milk and 2 splendas
babysitting for Will and chasing him upstairs to the tub singing Sean Paul songs
breaking writing walls
my little sister coming today
reading on the train

Tori said...

ummm ok seriously i am really excited for you and i think you will be awesome!

second i got a cute new outfit for bergs and i would like to be a paying customer and get something lined up for a christmas card...too soon? I know, also I would love some in bergs cute halloween costume (she's being a flower)....anyways let me know when you are available...thanks atch!