Monday, September 28, 2009

If I'm to be honest with you,

I'll admit that most days, I can't remember how old I am.

Sometimes, it takes me a long time to remember. I'm 23, in case you were wondering, and in case I need you to remind me.

I am stressed out by little inanities.

I do NOT have any cavities.

I like dogs. And flapper dresses. And jazz music.

I also tend to like books.

I like rearranging my furniture, and thinking of things I'm going to get rid of soon. Even if I don't really do it.

I like my life lately. It's been busy, but in a good way. I like finding beauty everywhere--people's faces, ordinary places, lots of things.

I really like my mattress pad. Though I often can't sleep at night, it is still so very cozy.

I like my husband. Ok, I really like him. A lot. I really like the way he smells.

I like my red couch. I like to shop for bedding without buying any.

I like the fact that I'll have a website real soon. I like all you friendly people.

I like that when Mondays are good, it throws off the rest of my week--I never know what day it is after a good Monday.

I've been trying real hard to be brave lately, and put myself in new situations. I've done several things I never thought I'd be able to do. I like that.

I'm sorry I'm kind of boring lately, but my brain is all over the place. Thanks for being my friend anyway.


Tori said...

Umm I'm going to be honest with you now...isn't it about time we start thinking about pillows for your red couch?? I'm just saying.

Adrienne Hansen said...

You are anything but boring.