Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Right now,

I'm mad because Barbra Streisand's name is spelled B-A-R-B-R-A and not BARBARA.

I guess, phonetically, it makes sense.

I just found out my photos didn't make it in the art show.

Maybe next time. Thanks for your support anyway.


Adrienne Hansen said...

Poop on them. All of them.

Micaela said...

pisha- they don't know talent.

so don't let that discourage you.


ps. ya what is up with that BRA at the end?

Anonymous said...


ALSO, it really stresses me out when I figure out I've been spelling somebody's name wrong--or WORSE, pronouncing it wrong. Usually at that point I just keep saying it my way.

I owe you email. It's on its way :)