Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jobs which I think sound fun:

  • set decorator for a movie
  • undercover high school student (thanks, Kenny, for the idea)
  • full-time photographer
  • interior designer
  • painter
  • hot air balloon operator
  • letterpress aficionado
  • graphic design guru of journals/stationary
  • carpenter of fine furniture
  • professional dog walker
  • ceramicist
  • travel ratings-giver (at hotels, restaurants, countries, cities, etc.)
Now how can I go about getting any of these jobs....?
List may be lengthened later.


7upkels said...

undercover high school student?? haha YES. same with the hot air balloon operator. sheesh. i seriously love your blog.

Adrienne Hansen said...

holy fetching crap! why is your background SO cute. will you make me one???

ps-cheer up. you have 1.5 hours to be happier. or you might have to be tied to the top of the car.

Meg Fee said...

ahhhh can i go back to high school with you!! how fun to go now knowing that it doesn't really matter at all!

ps: your blog looks amaaaazing!

Adrienne Hansen said...

You deleted or did not post the one where you wanted help deciding on 2 pictures. My choices would be:

1-Grandma's Hands
2-That frosty day I told you to go take pictures. I can't remember exactly which one...but one of them.