Monday, October 19, 2009

An adventure

It all began at a garage sale. He found these sweet glasses (for free),

and we found something else. Our new friend, Ichabod. I'll show you him later.

Then, we drove out to Antelope Island. We didn't see any antelope, but we saw some buffalo.

After that, we parked the car and headed for the saltiest lake I've ever seen.

It kind of looked like a real beach by the ocean.

And then Ichabod made his first appearance.

And contrary to what one of us thought, he is NOT a duck with an odd neck. Hence the name Ichabod.

Then we walked a while to my favorite part of the adventure.

Skipping rocks! My pockets were full of them, and I have some at home now.

That's me. Hello. I'm pretty sure I've never put a photo up here of my face before.

Ichabod in his old semi-natural habitat.

It was a great day. And now I think I'm going to move to Antelope Island. You can ask my husband... I probably talk about it once a day. Good day, everyone.


Tori said...

When did you guys go? I've never been and it looks gorgeous!

You are very pretty, I mean it.

Adrienne Hansen said...

I've never been there either. We should take a family trip there.

I love that you still love rocks. You should have been a park ranger.

kitchendoor said...

YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE. Ok good talk.