Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Tomorrow is my housband's birthday.

If you remember last year, I love birthdays, and his was fantastic.

I think I like his birthday almost more than mine... except mine is warm... because it's June...

On days like today, I just want to run away with my camera and husband and nothing else. There are a lot of things bugging me lately; I know I'll get over it, but for now, I've been really grumpy and easily provoked.

I am really annoyed with myself today. These kinds of days are the worst, because you can't really escape yourself. I'm just not sure what to do with myself.

BUT, I know tomorrow will be better. I just need to be positive... Right?



Amy said...


love you.

p.s. my word verification for this is "bless" ... wow.

Micaela said...

"I think I like his birthday almost more than mine... "

I really really like that line.

i love your creative gift, the packaging.

and yes, hopefully...

it usually is. (i'm not going to lie to you)

but it usually is :)