Friday, December 4, 2009

A list of 10 things I like that I think of at random.

10 things that make me really very happy.

1. Singing along at a concert because you know every word. And listening deeply as the bass shakes your knees and thrumbles in your chest.
2. Those rickety fences at any given beach. I love those. Also: the beach.
3. Vacation time with no real pressing things to do.
4. Drying my hair in the sun.
5. The thrill of trying something new or retrying something old.
6. Really good ideas that work out.
7. The goodness of people and how I feel connected to the whole world sometimes.
8. Understanding other people and making new friends.
9. Going home.
10. Taking a photo that gives you chills because it's that good, or touches you in a way that you know it will forever.

Happy Friday. What are some of yours?


Micaela said...

1. being complimented on something that means something to you... like a speech you wrote at work.

2. payday with no bills

3. my mom's cooking and not worrying about calories

4. smiling and meaning it.

Heather J said...

i love your lists..