Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tell me this:

why is it so hard to shop for other people?

I can find a million things that I think, wow, that is a great gift idea... for me.

In particular, my husband is hard to shop for because he "doesn't have ideas."

My goodness. Christmas this year so far has been difficult.

I think it's because of our warm Thanksgiving, and the fact that we have NO decorations up, besides my lights outside our apartment that appear to have been hung by a 4-year-old (which is me).

I'm going to come back later when I'm less frustrated. Yep, that's the answer.


Adrienne Hansen said...

take a pill chill.

Anonymous said...

New plan: go get a peppermint mocha (WITH WHIP. Always with whip) in a red cup and click around the LL Bean website for awhile. Always makes me feel kind of festive, even when there is a dirty nasty snow monsoon outside and a pan full of congealing bacon grease on my stove that I forgot to deal with before I left for work this morning. Which there is. Happy Holidays.