Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year

I enjoy winter. I especially enjoy winter this year, because of my puppy--we have to walk him, so now my housband will go on walks with me outside. I love going on walks. I'm generally very introverted, so I work things out in my head. But on walks, it's a stream-of-consciousness conversation where we work out thoughts, plans and dreams together. It doesn't matter that I look like an old Russian lady with my hood pulled over my head and tied tight; I will always remember these times as good.

Secondly, my dog helps me sleep more normal hours. I naturally tend to stay up late and get things done. However, he and my housband prefer to go to bed earlier, and I like to go to bed with them.

I've found several blogs I really like in the last little while. I'll have to share them later. I've decided I really like people that exude goodness. People who only speak kindly of others, and are just generally pleasant. I guess a lot of people could fit that category, but I'm thinking very specifically of a couple people. I want to be more like that.

I've written before that I tend not to make resolutions for the new year, mostly because I hate disappointing myself--I find I can be really very harsh toward myself when I don't meet my own goals. However, I think I'll go for it this year. Here are my Twenty-Ten goals:

• Do better at advertising my business. Get more clients, improve my business sense, and continue improving my photography skills. Go for it this year--see what it can really do for me.

• Show more kindness to others; try harder to find the good in others, and focus on generating goodness. Don't participate in gossip or talking badly about others. It's never felt good, and it never will.

• Write more. Poetry, essays, fiction, whatever. I miss it immensely.

• Continue to downsize and remember, people are more important than things. Things just take up space. As the youngest of a bunch of kids, I've finally learned that having lots of things doesn't equate to happiness. It just means more work later when you have to go through it all.

Lastly, I have something in mind for my this year's photo project; I'll have to fill you in later. Happy Sunday!


7upkels said...

this is a wonderful list of goals. i too have noticed particular blogs where people are just able to remind you that there is a lot of good in the world. your blog happens to be one of them!

good luck with your goals!

Amy said...

like the last one. LOVE the last one. you can do it!