Monday, January 11, 2010

Photo 3.

I've finished my photo project for 2009--a photo for every third day. I think I did pretty well; I didn't miss any days, but toward the end I got the days a little confused.

I have a project for 2010 that I think I'll give a go. I'll fill you in later; for now, enjoy the rest of Photo 3 (and this photo of my niece and sister from December 27th)!


Adrienne Hansen said...

Good job on making it all through the year!!! That's hard work!

Amy said...

um I was so scared you were going to put an awful pic of me on here like the ones of me with 11 chins however this one is lovely and I am actually very glad that you did put this on here. thank you.

and you did AWESOME on your photo 3 project. AWESOME. I am so proud. of you.