Monday, March 1, 2010

Reasons why today is a good day:

1.  It is March 1st.  Which means winter is essentially over.  Any storms from here on out will no longer get me down.  Winter:  I've had enough.

2.  I have a new outfit to wear today.  Isn't that just the best feeling?

3.  My website is DONE DONE DONE.  SO DONE.  I am ecstatic.  There is sunshine in my soul today.   Visit if you so wish:

4.  I'm giving away stuff on my photo blog, because I like people, and because, well, business is good.  Visit and win, perhaps?

5.  There's not only sunshine in my soul, but outside in the world, too.

6.  I made cookies last night.  Not well, but who cares.  They're good.

And that's it for Monday.  What's good about your Monday?  Do tell.


Brittany said...

new outfits are the best.
also, your website is so beautiful!

7upkels said...

I agree with you! March 1st gives the world a reason to celebrate! Spring is on it's way!!
PS. Agree with Brittany, the website is beautiful!

Katie said...

I have lost 9 more pounds! Yeah me- that is good about my Monday. Now- would you be willing to come down to my house and do photos or is it easier for me to come up there? Let me know.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

YES, today is good!

marta said...

congrats on the new photography site. it looks splendid. enjoy those homemade cookies. xo.