Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Times

When my husband and I were both in college and dating (each other), we'd meet up on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the late morning to have donuts in the hub (common area in our student center). I grew to love that time with him, looking forward to eating sweets (I have a horrible, horrible sweet tooth and I wish I could say I dislike it, but... I love treats) and talking with him.

We'd find a booth and sit together, chat about our days or plans together or separately. Often I'd ask him if we could have an adventure, and he'd begin to plot things like acting like pirates or finding treasure or plundering.

Sometimes, a previous person at the booth where we'd sit would leave a copy of The New York Times. On days like that, we'd spend time looking through the different sections and articles and cultures included within such a small but expansive newspaper.

It makes me wish our local newspaper would try harder, but then again, we do live in a city quite (QUITE) a bit smaller than NYC.

Today, I read this article about Wendy Burden, a descendant of the Vanderbilts. It's kind of interesting to get a little snippet about her life--I love human interest stories.  They also talk a little bit about her memoir, which sounds pretty interesting... I like windows into other people's lives, don't you?  I guess that's why memoirs are so popular.

I think if I ever subscribe to a newspaper, it'll probably be that one. Because you know what? The Times is good. It's real good.

Wendy Burden's home.  Top:  Dining area, bottom:  the outside.  Images from here.

Also, I love the exterior of her home.

I have something else to share with you guys, and if I can track down the video, I'll share it later!

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