Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last thing for the evening:

Ellen commented on my last post and told me to get over myself.

She's totally right.

But I also wanted to say that it's rare for me to post such an open complaint on my blog, so just remember: I'm a person, too. I may be jealous or insecure or whatever else, and I'm totally aware of that. I thought maybe it would be ok to complain about one thing that's bugging me--not even my world is always rosy--but I guess that's when you get a bit of a wake up call. You whine, people get annoyed. Can't say I wasn't expecting it.

(And Ellen, if you read this, I really do appreciate your comment. Though it stung me a bit, it was good to hear someone's input that I don't know personally. I responded to your comment, but I stand by my wedding photography comment... And if you read my response to your comments, you'll see why. Traditional portraiture isn't that exciting to me, which is perhaps why you thought my stuff is uninspiring and something anyone can do? That's ok, it just means I have work to do.)

Don't know that I'll keep these posts up--they weren't that well-thought out, and I probably should have just kept them to myself.


Ellen said...

Hi Ash, sorry for spamming. i feel i need to at least say this again.

Please don't let my comment affect how you post and what you post. God knows how many times i've tried starting a blog but my words are so limited and little, and it's amazing that you've kept such a great blog for many readers out there.

i attached a link to a blog written by a girl i know from high school. she continues to be the MOST inspiring person i've met, and there is something about your photos that reminded me of her photos (now that i've calmed down and given it a thought).

your courage to pursue something you love is something i have yet to find in myself.

again, please do not let my comment change anything.

Amy said...

you should NOT have kept them to yourself. venting helps .... sometimes?

sorry about all of this though. I know it's not what you wanted it to turn into.

Anonymous said...

You have to keep these posts. For the comments: in the last post.

Tori said...

WOW I feel like I have totally been out of the loop...all I have to say is rude or not rude it takes a lot of spite for someone you don't know to come on your blog and criticize the things you love.

If I read a blog and it bugs me I don't read it anymore... so if people have a problem with you they just should not say anything and don't read.

Why anyone feels like they need to tear people down is beyond me.

I think you are awesome Ash I love your work and I love your writing, I feel like I get to know you better through this blog and you feel like a real person with real emotions instead of someone who has "the best day" everyday.

You take the best pictures of my bergs and she loves you back...honestly if someone says you aren't inspiring check out the pictures you took when bergs was born and then at her first birthday party you captured every moment of her and her personality!

This is long but the list of how much I love you can go on and on forever so just know that people are mean for one reason... because they are insecure and it's rude of them to tear you down as well! Shame on them!