Monday, May 17, 2010


I have something I want to tell you.

We have some visitors... actually, permanent residents... in our apartment.

We are paying rent for them to stay.

And they live in the roof.

Ok, so they're birds. And I know they're in there because they wake me up pretty much every morning. I've never heard such strange scraping sounds in my life. It never really bothered me until recently, when I realized I should write about them--there's a probable nest up there, too, what with baby birds chirping and all.  I generally think nothing exciting is going on in my life but then I realized having birds--uninvited ones, nonetheless--for roommates is somewhat exciting.

I wouldn't mind it so much if I weren't extremely paranoid about the amount of poop that's most likely up there, which is probably also diseased (I watched a TV show about a pigeon infestation once--let's just say it ruined me).

And I've felt sick (again), which makes me wonder if it's the disease creeping into our apartment.

Yes, I could call my landlord. Why I haven't is a story for another day... oh boy.

This is not a photo of one of the birds in my attic. However, I did take it. I thought I'd spice all this up with a photo. Because why not?

In other news, I am still scouting out dogs from the shelter which I can adopt.  (Note: we cannot afford another dog, nor do we have the space.  And yet.)  

I have been trying to "shrink" myself and figure out why, psychologically, I can't be happy with the one I've got already (I am happy with him, I just want another dog to love).  And then I think of the line from Paul Blart, Mall Cop, something about peanut butter filling the cracks of the heart.

But in this case, my peanut butter is a fluffy, loveable shelter dog.  

What I can't figure out is what's missing?   Perhaps I've got an unfulfilled need.  If you could tell me what that is, that would be great.

Lastly, I've been drawing a lot lately.  And I don't know how many of you are into art, but do you know of any artists, particularly artists who primarily draw, that you really love?  I'll tell you who mine are in a minute.... aka in another post...

Anyway.  It's Monday.  My dog's not eating anything but grass (?).  Don't worry, we asked the vet about it.  It feels as though it's going to be a long week.   I have to go relax now.  

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