Thursday, July 22, 2010

So. Let's talk.

My favorite thing to do this summer is go to Bear Lake.  I wish I had photos for you, but I don't... not right now.  They're at home, and I am not.  My favorite part of it is taking the dog and watching him burn his energy by swimming and frolicking and visiting all the kids around.  He is JUST THE BEST.

In other news, and down to the point of this post, yesterday was one of the best/worst days of my summer.  Best because being with family is so much fun... that, and we attended Fiesta Days where my sister lives, and there's lots of carnivals and carni folk.   My nephew won two goldfish, and the rest of us tried a bunch of times but couldn't get any.  I also rode a ride with my niece that pretty much did me in--I've never been SO SQUISHED by a 7-year-old before.  I was alternately laughing so hard I was crying and feeling barfy.... pretty funny.  I took a bunch of photos, and it was just a really nice evening.  It was one of those nights that I think I'll always remember.  Actually, I know I'll never forget it because of what happened beforehand...

Her really bad, leperous, bald haircut.  We are ridiculous.
Yesterday evening, my sister, Amy, and I opted to give their sweet little dog a haircut.  She was hairy and couldn't see out, so we opted to use some pet clippers on her.  And somewhere along the way (Amy trimmed her with the ineffective clippers and I had the scissors), after shaving her nearly bald--I told you, those clippers were BAD--I sliced Scooba's poor little face open.  I figured I got her when she nipped at my hand (oh don't worry, this has happened before but not so dramatically when I tried to help her see better)... but I had no idea it was THAT bad.

It makes my stomach flip thinking about it... they were supposed to be non-dangerous and non-slicing scissors with protected ends.  Count on me to do damage with them!  I felt so bad.  I FEEL so bad.  We held a damp paper towel to her face to stop the bleeding, but I couldn't stop myself from gasping when I saw the gash.  We tried to talk ourselves into the idea that she wouldn't need stitches, but after showing my brother-in-law, it became pretty clear that that's exactly what she needed.  In the midst of all the craziness, my sister had to take her to get two staples on her face to close it up before we could go to the carnival.  In the meantime, I wrangled a 2-year-old, two 9-year-olds, one 7-year-old, tried to keep the dog hair on my clothes from getting everywhere, took a QUICK shower (my skin was crawling with tiny dog hairs EVERYWHERE) while trying to distract said 2-year-old from the fact that mommy left in the car without her, then making pancakes for everyone for dinner because then we didn't have time for pizza due to staple-Scoob.

Her sweet killer tank top.  So people won't think she's a leper.

Finally, Amy came back with Scooba and her new face staples.  Somehow, Scooba still likes me.  If I were her, I'd probably decide not to be friends with me by now.  Needless to say, she is a REALLY good dog.

You can see one of her staples in the light.... and her really bad haircut.

Annnnnnd a little closer shot of the staples.  I still feel so bad.
Just in case you couldn't see them.

She seems to be handling it alright. I, however, might not be.  After Amy's little family's summer from outer darkness, which includes a big bike wreck after my bro-in-law was clipped by a car and had 3 surgeries to repair broken bones, a broken-down van, a 2-year-old yelling holdyouholdyouholdyou everywhere (among other things), I'm "glad" I could contribute just one more little stressful thing.

(Side note:  I borrowed Amy's point and shoot to take these photos... it was surprisingly difficult.  Kind of funny that I could tell you a lot about my good ol' DSLR and 35mm film camera, but barely know how to make a little Canon work.)

I like being here, but I think I cause more bad luck than good.

But the good news is, Scooba is ok, soon I'll be home, and everyone will be alright in the long run... right?



Adrienne Hansen said...

Poor, poor Cuuuba! You guys really did her in. Also, you forgot to mention Ty knocking out his front teeth. Haha! Awesome summer of 2010...........

M.M.E. said...

Oh no! I'm sure she'll be okay. At least she can see now!