Thursday, October 14, 2010


I really enjoy checking my email spam.  Most the time, it's junk that I'm glad my inbox filtered out.  However, sometimes--like today--I get ones that I'm pretty sure I'll keep forever, mostly because they're quite funny.

For example, today I received an email from my email address (totally forged; in fact, gmail felt it necessary to inform me that the message could very well be not from myself.... good to know, gmail).

The subject?  Mr. ashley.gammill, exclusive deal for you.

I was so thrilled to be called mister that I promptly moved it from my spam folder to my inbox and starred the message.  I giggled, too... because Mr.?  Really?  Plus, I have a problem which includes thinking that calling people the wrong gender (when it's clear they're not the one you're calling them) is really funny.  Such as:  my brother calls me brother.  Or when my other brother points to me and says something about "that guy."  Also, if you haven't guessed already, I tend to laugh at things that aren't that funny to other people, but I find them hilarious.

Also worth mentioning:  my emails from Nutritionist D. Downpour, Femininity E. Carom, Pandemonium J. Rent, Repairs T. Discouraging, Retouching D. Marmot, Temptations D. Swop, and Ballpark E. Delete.  Yep, actual "names" of spammers... and I have them all saved in a very special folder.

So yes, whoever-"forged"-my-email-to-write-me-an-email, I will take your exclusive deal.  No, I do not care that it's for viagra or some other type of medication I have no need for whatsoever.


Mr. ashley.gammill.


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I like to forward spam to you. Especially when it says it's for Burt.