Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hey-o, October

I have something to tell you:  I don't really like Halloween.

In fact, I don't like people who are dressed up, particularly with masks, and I most especially dislike mascots.  This is not a new thing.  What is new?  I get grumpy around creepy people.  And so Halloween makes me grumpy.

Reason #467 I am an old, grumpy lady.

It's sort of a problem because my housband LOVES Halloween.  

Also, I was talking to my sister about something a week or so ago and she mentioned that she's tired of apologizing about everything.  I feel that way, too.  So, historically, this would be the point at which I'd apologize for not writing since August, but I don't really feel that sorry... cause it's my blog and I'm as bad as I want to be.  (That sounds really dumb coming from me, but I can imagine my friend, Bri, saying that and it just feels right.)

September was good to me:  I had photos in an exhibition, I cut off ALL of my hair--well, nearly--and I'm not sorry about that, either, and I went to California.  I loved it so much.  If California were a person and bigamy were allowed, I'd totally add it to my stash of people to whom I'm married.  (For the record, that will always remain at 1 person.  I think I'll keep him.  I kinda like him.)  I like California a little too much.

Now you can see my hair.  I sort of cut it on a whim--but I had several stipulations.
I did not want to look like:
1. Kate Gosselin
2. A boy
3. A grandma
4. An extremist

And now, seeing these pictures one after the other--my longer hair was kind of a mess, but WHAT HAVE I DONE?
After - I'm good at pulling faces that make me look awkward.
The Hair in action!
I actually really like it--most especially because I have a lot of hair, and it's heavy. Plus, I don't think I've ever really regretted cutting my hair any times in my life... it grows. It always grows.  I may look like a boy, but I am now a getting-ready-fast-in-the-morning-boy because my hair no longer takes half an hour to blow dry.

Proof that I was really there.
And I have decided that this blog used to be a pleasant place to be, but now I'm just grumpy. And in the spirit of not apologizing, I'm going to rename my blog something that has to do with my problems as a perpetual grumpster.  Like the Grumpster Guidebook or something.


Heather J said...

No need to apologize. Glad you had a good semptember! Your hair is adorable. Love it!

Gecko said...

The Grumpster Guidebook? Invite your brothers to be co-authors on that one and we just might have something. Because as grumpy as you think you are, I'm grumpier, and your other brother is even grumpier still.

Elle and Jared said...

1 - I also hate masks, creepy people (especially creepy people in creepy costumes) and mascots.
2 - Your hair looks great. Why is cutting hair off so much fun?
3 - Thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog. It really warmed my heart, as they say. Somehow just knowing other people are just trying to figure it out too is such a comfort to me. So thank you.
4 - Your pictures are stunning. I'm jealous.

JMay said...

Love the new do! I could not pull that off but you rock it my dear!

Adrienne Hansen said...

Gecko is right. Your brothers are far grumpier. But I think that he had them mixed up in grumpy order. Anyhow, I really, really liked your hair tonight. I think I told you at your door. But I did like it.