Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things you didn't know about me;

also could be called:  things you don't necessarily want to know about me, but it's my blog so I'll write them anyway.  This is my time capsule for winter 2010.  (Remember this one from April?)

I bet you didn't know:

I think about
  • Kudzu.  A lot.  (How is that not fascinating to generally everyone?  Rogue vines? Seriously?)
Photo from here.  Caption from the website:  Abandoned houses in Georgia taken over by kudzu
  • Pangea
  • whether picking up a bug of any kind will alter its course so drastically it will never find its way home
 I used to
  • Play the violin (for 9 years)
  • Throw my vitamins behind our old upright piano instead of taking them
  • Spend my last few dollars after paying rent, etc. (when I lived with roommates) on books
    I would like
    • a bearded collie named Ricky
    • a gramophone/phonograph
    • to be a really good road biker and/or swimmer (without flippers)
    I'm annoyed by
    • people who talk down about themselves
    • people who talk about their weight (I think it's weirdly personal, and as a photographer, I honestly have never looked at a person and thought they didn't look good as they were) & people who talk about how they need to lose weight
    • slow internet
    These things
    • The song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
    • Certain movies about families (I watched the Family Stone the other night, and I forgot how much I like that movie)
    ...make me nearly cry

    Happiness, for me, is
    • My warm puppies
    I worry a lot about
    • my family
    • making it in life
    • not being able to relax (which is totally counter-productive)
    I go through phases, like
    • collecting bowls, blankets, geodes or other natural rock formations
    • decorating with dried flowers/weeds I find
    • wishing to move to California or another warmish climate so badly I can't concentrate on daily life (and then I take a vacation there and proceed to function normally)
    • eating cereal for almost every meal
    • playing my guitar
    • wearing long john bottoms every single day
    I am
    • worried that my non-existent (for now) kids will grow up way too fast
    • really good at sleeping
    • a Jason Mraz live show junkie (almost) (just in terms of liking his live stuff BEST)
    • interested in learning how to weld, be a carpenter (sort of), designing of any kind
    • a total dog lover
    • a wife to a cool dude
    annnnnnnd, that's all.  See you later.


    Adrienne Hansen said...

    Have yourself a merry little christmas always makes me cry. Doesn't matter who is singing it. Doesn't matter where I am. I think maybe it has to do with our childhood. At least for me it does. It reminds me of mom working her tail off for us. Especially at Christmas time. Yep.

    wilybrunette said...

    you are heaven. interesting and full. thanks for sharing so much about yourself.

    and ps: i hate people who talk about their weight and how they need to lose weight (though i'm sometimes at fault). professionals call it fat talk and it's so damaging. i've been thinking of posting about it soon.

    Heather J said...

    love this!