Sunday, April 3, 2011

Year 3.

Three years ago, we were married.  WHEW!  We made it!

I love Hailey's Jones soda mustache in the bottom photo.

In the last year, we:
  • adopted another dog
  • had 3 new jobs between the two of us
  • kept 1 job between the two of us (lots of change this year)
  • bought numerous car parts (for guess who)
  • cut off a lot of hair (both of us)
  • did a lot of studying, photographing, crafting, and working
  • went to Sun Valley, California, and Salt Lake many times
  • decided that my housband does the laundry and I do the dishes (which has saved us a lot of dumb fights... I'd highly recommend it)
  • moved the furniture around
  • began to love yoga
  • have grown up a lot
  • have been really poor, and then not as poor
  • added one niece to the family
  • watched dozens of movies together, not as many bad ones as last year
 Lots of good memories from that day three years ago.  Here's to another year....


Heather J said...

happy anniversary!!! I've never seen your wedding pictures. You look so pretty!

Adrienne Hansen said...

Look how pretty you are in that top photo! I love the smirky smirk. You are a silly girl. And I LOVED the Jones Soda at your wedding. So you.

Also, the ONE niece...she's MINE. :)

Word Verification=nizess. sounds like nieces. coincidence? i think NOT.

Lauren said...

congrats on numero tres! you two are such a handsome couple!