Monday, June 13, 2011

My pockets are like clouds, white and fluffy.

Today I have been ANGRY!  It seems like every once in a while, something just sets me off, and then I'm just so mad I can't get over it for a while.  Today, it was a spreadsheet.  Most often, it's a spreadsheet. 

And then I'm mean to my housband, short with my dogs, I eat tons of junk food, and I just want to keep on feeling miserable.

I am not an angry person.  Generally.  But every so often....... whoozies.  Watch out. 

This weekend, we went to Huntsville, Utah, USA, which was actually wonderful.  I've noticed a trend:  I don't like a place until I've seen it.  And then I want to move there immediately.  Such is the case with Huntsville.  I loved it so much I would kiss it if I could.  I took a bunch of photos, and I will let you know when I get around to sending the film off to a fabulous vacation in Los Angeles or Orem.  You know, Orem, Utah. 

My film gets better vacations than I do.

I'm still kind of mad and I feel rage in my heart, so I think I'm going to go punch-dance it out. 

K.  See ya.


Adrienne Hansen said...

Do not hate the spreadsheets!!! DO NOT! I miss them. So much. I gave them to you. I placed them into your hands. Trusting that you would love them. Do not hate them. OK? Ok.

I dare you to move to Huntsville. I don't even know where Huntsville is. True story.

Adrienne Hansen said...

PS-I LIKE to comment on your blog. So There.