Monday, June 6, 2011

I can ride my bike with no handlebars.

I've recently decided that I should ride my bike everywhere.  Heaven knows I could use the exercise, plus I love my bike, plus paying for gas is the worst.

SOoooo I bike to work and back--which is about 9 miles total--on days I decide to ride.  Which is a lot lately, most days I'd say.  It may not be much to you active and always-on-the-go people, but keep in mind, the most I was doing before was MAYbe 4-ish miles, every so often.  So I guess this is my way of being out and about... and I kind of love it.

I had to ride home in some rain tonight, and honestly, it wasn't too bad, except I'm still cold (about 5 hours later). 

In other news, the neighbors have 2 dogs which cry and whine when they're not home, which is a lot.  Also, I think my dogs are my best friends.  Does that make me a loser?  Check yes or no.

My birthday is coming up.  I am really excited about it because it means I'm getting pretty old.  Actually, I'm excited about it because I have the worst sweet tooth ever and I am truthfully looking forward to having some cake.  Plus birthdays are just SUCH the best.

Lastly, I joined Pinterest a while ago.  I love it.  Do you pin?  Maybe we could be pinning friends. 

                                                                                          Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

 Ok seriously this is the last thing: I could use a haircut. Anybody know anybody who's good at that sort of thing and likes to trade services? Ok cool. High five.


Lauren said...

hi ashley!

i love that you can ride your bike to work. when i lived in boston i didn't have a car, so i rode my bike all the time, to school, to work, to the grocery store, every where. of course, cali is tooo big for that, so i have to drive... but i really do miss my bike. so i am very jealouse!

love the blog posts!

Tori said...

I saw you riding... You should've stopped by and we could've taken you home!! I love that you are a hardcore bike rider, with handle bars on ;O)

Adrienne Hansen said...

I'll cut your hair. For FREE!!! YES! YES! YES!

meg said...

happy birthday - I hope you had/will have a great one. You should know that those flowers are lovely. : )

Tricia said...

Ok please send me an invite to Pintrest. I have been waiting for their stupid invite forever. Apparently you have to know someone to get in this cool group -- and I sooooo want in! :)