Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fabric flowers! Huzzah!

A little bit ago, I wrote here about making some fabric flowers. Well, I decided to open an etsy shop. Check it out!

(If you're checking this out on a feed reader, such as google reader, you won't see the link above, so I'll help you out:  go HERE to visit my Bagsy Blue Co.  etsy shop!)

I'm pretty excited about it--I'll be adding hair accessories, shoe clips, pins, etc. soon.


Micaela said...

they're GORGEOUS!!! i have been wanting shoe clips for like ever... and if they're anything like this preview.. they'll be beautiful! hurray!!!! and huzzah indeed. xo

whit939watts said...

yay! what fun, ash!

Delia said...

Your flowers are beautiful Ashley!