Thursday, June 30, 2011

Once upon a time,

Bert got shaved.  It was Monday.  It was awesome.  He looks so weird to me.



I guess he no longer looks homeless, so that's a plus.  (He was, actually, homeless.  He came into the humane society as a stray and then I adopted him all swift-like.)  I kind of like the homeless look--I tend to rock it myself.

Anyway, now he's good-looking and better dressed than me.  So.

OH!  And then, Tuesday morning, I took both dogs out to do their business.  At which time, Bagheera peed on Bert, and I had to bathe him.  BONUS!


Tori said...

don't worry adam tends to do the same thing...rock shaggy hair in the winter and a shorter buzz in the summer... ha ha~ Homeless, homeless...

7upkels said...

Oh my gosh what a cute little pup. My sister would die (she spent an hour yesterday at Barnes and Noble reading books about dogs - haha). I can't wait to own one myself!

Adrienne Hansen said...

Bagsy is so dumb. Bertie is cute though!