Thursday, July 14, 2011

Miss Peggy lives for a day

So, we borrowed Paige for a day. And here it is, complete with photos!!

After mom left, we rode some rides at the outlets in Park City. But tried to not look TOO happy about it, because that would be uncool for a 3-year-old.

Then we try entertaining ourselves, because soccer games get boring pretty fast.  Also, showing off our bum is probably the best choice, given the situation.

Then we practiced our model shots.  And climbed the fence, because that's what the big kids were doing.

After the game, we went to a restaurant.  And looked really sleepy after coloring.  WE WANT MAC AND CHEESE, people.  This is serious.

Then we had our respective dinners.  We decide we don't like the toast.  It cannot be touching any of our other foods.  HEAVEN HELP US!!!  (PS, one of my favorite things she says after she can't quite do something herself is, "I cannot do it.  I CANNOT."  Instead of can't.  She is fantastic)

And then, we fell asleep.  In the booth.  At a restaurant.  After staring at the family just on the other side of the booth with a lot of kids.  Probably because they are more fun than our aunt and uncle.

We woke up in the car ride after we stop to get aloe vera because, sunburn.  We saw a rainbow.  A double rainbow, even!  But you can't see it here.  Yet, I promise it was a double rainbow.  You can see part of it in this photo.  And then we fell asleep in the car.

Not pictured:  we wanted a tubby, so we decided on bath time, then we don't want a tubby, settle on tubby with no hair washing, then, unfortunately, soap in the eyes, and screaming.  Then, movie time on the giant bed.  And perhaps that cylinder pillow would keep our tootsies warm.

Then, we contemplated making some calls to our peeps.  With Bert on the bed.  (Don't worry, it was a pet-friendly hotel.)

So we called some peeps on our "cell phone."  Which, just last year, we used to call our "hallo."

FYI:  Nobody answered.

Then, we kept peeking under the curtains, because through our window, we could see uncle Pedro (again, not his real name) in the hot tub--soaking because he'd played two soccer games in one day.  Also, we decide we're hungry because we fell asleep at dinner and didn't finish our MAC AND CHEESE!!.  So we ate some chocolate, and had an awesome chocolate moustache situation.

Last, we stayed awake until the lights turn off, at which point, we almost immediately fell asleep.  And take over the (king-sized) bed. (!)  And then, when our aunt moved us in the middle of the night, we accidentally head-butted her, and say SORRY so sweetly in our sleep.

But anyways, what a great day. 


Amy said...

ahhhhhhh! I am dying! LOVE IT ALL!


"I was ridin' a forsie; because I want chocolate milk!; BERT IS ON THE BED!"

hahaha. thanks so much sister. this is the cutest thing EVER.

Adrienne Hansen said...

Well this makes me want to steal her and copy you. Ok? Ok. Also, I love her new jammies!

Lauren said...

there are several things i love about this post:

1. you're writing. ashley, you are so clever and funny! i loved reading this post.

2. um, paige. she is absolutely adorable!

3. i love the pictures. as per usual.

4. macaroni and cheese, people!

so cute ashley! ps, can we hang out sometime soon!?!?

Heather J said...

Adorable all around. Paige and the account of your day. Too cute.

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

I love PC.
& those last photos on the bed are seriously so adorable, I love the one with your pup :)

Sounds like you had so much fun, and yay for King Sized Beds!