Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Park City & the weekend

We spent the weekend in Park City.  It was wonderful!  I sat in the sunshine, watching my housband play soccer, while also watching my niece because we borrowed her overnight due to wanting to keep her forever.

I LOVE HER.  She is probably one of the cutest little kids I have ever known.  By the second day we had her, we were all ornery, tired, and in desperate need of a nap.  BUT we arrived at my sister's home and dropped her off (while celebrating my other niece's big 8th birthday), and all was well again.

I have more to tell you about all this.  It's very special.  But how could you not LOVE this face?

I do.  I love this face.  And I love Park City. 


Adrienne Hansen said...

So...you take MY car and take not MY child? RUDE! I didn't even know you did this. Sounds fun. PC and Paige. I love both. So much.

Are you buying said car? Please do. Just do it. Ok.

Lauren said...

i do too! she is just the cutest... but wait... there are beaches in park city? tell me more!

Ash said...

Oh dear. Nope, no beaches. These are from Bear Lake last August. I should've clarified... but I have NEW photos of her which are just awesome. So I will share those soon.

Amy said...

oh oh oh! I just checked for the new ones and here are old ones IN WHICH I LOVE. except she got giant. and it makes me sick.

thanks for keeping her overnight. she had SO MUCH FUN.