Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh, hi, September.

Have I ever told you that I don't really like Autumn?  I used to--I used to like it a lot.  And then I turned 21 and was seriously dating my husband and I figured that he would propose to me in the Autumn.  (I was right.) And I was so freaked out about the possibility of young marriage, it ruined nearly the entire season for me and all the Autumns ever since.

(Guess what.  I got married and survived.  And thrived, even.  TA-DAH!  Just a survival story for those of you who need something inspirational.)

It's something I'm working on to this day:  reconciling my Autumnal feelings.

This is all to say:  I am really tired.  I still like you, but I'm just tired. 

If I were to post recent events, they would flow something like this:  I asked my neighbors not to smoke out back.  I had such liberating feelings because they were really cool about it (and I was so scared to do it), but then I feel guilty they all have to walk so far--aka the end of the building, probably 50 feet away--to smoke. (Have I ever told you I feel guilty about virtually everything?  That's a fun thing.)

Also, someone wrote all over my car windows the other night.  I thought it might be gangsters (you never KNOW!) but what kind of gangster writes STRESS on your windshield but doesn't steal your stereo?  A gangster who writes on 8 other cars in the complex, that's who.  I got to talk to the cops.  It was fancy.

This photo was taken after I'd already scrubbed off the "s" with rubbing alcohol.  Also, this is what those window paint/markers/whateveritwas looks like after going through the carwash, and being sprayed 10+ times by washer fluid. (Hint: it doesn't come off until you break out the big guns.)

At preschool, there are a couple kids who are BARELY three.  It's kind of rough.  For both of us.  They are just so LITTLE.  Then again, I forget about how little they all are until they say a certain thing or laugh a certain way or do a certain thing, and I remember how much they just need to be little kids.  How much I need them to be little kids, or even sometimes how much I miss being a little kid.

So, that's me lately.  What about you, anyway?


Lauren said...

oh, that poor civic cannot get a break, eh?

i've had similar feelings towards autumn, but luckily it was this past autumn when your handsome brother came out to boston and we celebrated american thanksgiving. which reminds me, hopefully a certain upcoming event this autumn (thanksgiving) will help lean you a little more in favor? ha!

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

gosh you're cute.
I am jealous you get to spend time with little ones, they say the CUTEST things :)

That's cool about your neighbors. I wish I could tell the neighbors who live in the building next to us not to smoke out their window (they're not allowed to do that anyway) but I am too scared-- maybe this was the motivation I needed?

Sorry about your car, that's really weird! & good thing they didn't steal anything if it was a gangsta! and window markers suck! they are so hard to get off!

Adrienne Hansen said...

STRESS! Awesome. It was me. Sorry. Just kidding.

Also, you are ALWAYS tired. Just sayin. ;)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I love your reasoning behind not liking Autumn haha you are hilarious!