Monday, October 17, 2011

Once upon a time,

I didn't have internet at home for three years.  And then one day, MAGIC!  Some magical, un-intending neighbor shared it with me and my humble abode.  It was paradise, especially when my spouse lived a state away and I needed something with which to fill my time for a summer.

And then those neighbors moved.

And all those in the land weeped and wailed.

Or just watched more TV.

So I haven't been blogging.  But.  I have been doing other important things, which I will soon tell you about, but I don't want this to be like OH HEY GUYS, I ONLY COME HERE WHEN THINGS ARE EXCITING!  Because, hey, life's exciting, you know?

For example:  my dog, Bert (aka Bird, Berty, Birdy, Bewt, etc.) got this awesome haircut earlier in the summer.  I wrote about it here, remember?  Coincidentally, that post started the same way as this post, and I didn't even plan it!  How serendipitous! Anyway, Bert's mohawk began to grow out, and I thought he looked dumb with a part down the center of his head--he's not that homely.  So I gave him a headcut, which is also known as a haircut just on his head (and his bum!  I know you're concerned about his bum, but you shouldn't be... I'm watching out for that bum and trim it, so he leads a very comfortable life).

And the moral of the story is, now my dog and I have the same stupid home haircut.  I think he pulls it off better than I do.  I would show you, but I'm not at home with him, and secondly, I don't like posting a lot of photos of myself.  It feels weird to me, and I know some bloggers do it but no thanks for me.  For now.  Especially since I didn't wash my hair today, thanks to dry shampoo, and I feel especially homely.

The second moral of the story is that I have been cutting my hair for nearly a year now, and do you know what happens when you cut your own hair for a year, especially when you don't have a license in that sort of thing?  Your hair doesn't grow out because honestly, you have no idea what you're doing.  So you chop and fix and snip here and there, and suddenly, you've got much less hair than when you started. 

So I'm looking into maybe doing something about that here soon, and also, putting away the scissors. 

Lastly, I have a lot of flowers left over from this summer that I made.  I listed several on my etsy shop, so if you're interested, stop by!  They're just hanging out at my house, hoping for a new home that's more exciting than mine.  They do, in fact, have feelings.  You can check out the few I have listed right over here:

Ok I lied, THIS is the last thing:  I have a new photography website in the works.  My old url goes to nothing, but fear not!  I do have one lined up, I'm just waiting on a new logo and I have a few other finishing touches to go before it'll be live. 

Oh, and we sold our car and bought a new one. 

So... I suppose life is a little exciting right now. 

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Adrienne Hansen said...

I think you give yourself wonderful haircuts. Seriously.