Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm alive!

Hi guys!  I've been thinking about my little blog a lot lately.  It feels like it's been forever, probably because it really has.  I've been sort of busy (ha), and I've had little snippets of time here and there during which I could probably blog, but I was writing the girls' birth story and felt guilty I haven't finished it.  I really wanted to within the first couple of weeks they were born, but I was REALLY really busy then, plus now I realize how out of my mind I was during that time and unaware of it.  Let's just say that the post-partum period was really weird and trippy... and I didn't have any or much of the depression, mostly just that I was really out of it.  Plus, I've been sleep deprived for several months now, and I know I'm forgetting things about when they were born, which makes me sad because it was a really neat experience.  And honestly, it probably wasn't THAT special, but it was special because it happened to us, you know?  Anyway, I've been putting off updating here because of it, but I'm realizing how quickly time is flying and how fast the babies are changing and I feel horrible for not documenting it better. 

So, here goes:

This week, my mom came to visit and help.  We were staying at her house for the first seven weeks, which was a monumental help, and I can't say enough how much that made me feel like maybe this whole thing, the whole having twins thing, was doable.  My mom is such a giving and wonderful person, and having babies--two of them at once!--just reaffirmed that for me.  I know as a mother that I would do anything for my kids, and I saw that time and again with my mom.  She was always there when I needed her; I am so lucky to have had her help, because when the girls were 4 weeks, my housband left to begin an internship in Elko, Nevada like last year, and I would've been totally alone.  So my mom and I did the bathing, feeding, changing, napping, caring, etc., for them during the week, and my housband would step in and help when he got back Thursday nights until he left Sunday afternoons.  The love and support from my mom has been so paramount to me feeling good about this HUGE life change, and feeling as though it's something I can handle, and not only that, but do well at it.  I will forever be so grateful for her for all of that. 

Anyway, during the first week or two after having my babies, I really stressed over finding housing in Elko for the summer.  If you know Elko, you'd know that the housing situation is out of control.  There is NOTHING here.  NOTHING.  The RV parks are full, the waiting lists for apartments are up to 2 years long, and everything is extremely expensive.  So, this summer, we're living in a hotel, and we came here just after they turned 7 weeks. It's not ideal, but we're making it work and it's kind of an adventure.  My mom came to stay in a nearby hotel on Sunday and has been here all week.  It's been so fun to have her here!  I feel as though I've gotten to the point that I'm sort of getting a routine down and everything isn't taking as long, like baths and getting babies dressed, etc., but it's sure nice to get a break every once in a while. 

I want to update more, but I'm kind of really tired and it's late.  So for now, here are some pictures I wanted to get up here, and in the meantime, if any of you readers are on instagram, I upload photos there from time to time and my username is @ashgammill.

New babies in the hospital.  Ruby on the right, Emmy on the left.

Snugglers.  They were SO LITTLE!  Ruby on the left, Emmy on the right.

2 months.  Emmy, left, Ruby, right.

Chubber legs.

Silly girls.  Ruby on the left, Emmy on the right.


Heather J said...

yay! they are adorable.

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

oh my goodness! It really has been FOREVER. How did I miss this? They are so precious, and I LOVE their little outfits in the last picture. CUTE names too! I've always wanted to name one of my little girls Ruby, because my Grandma's name is Ruby, but then I married a Mann, and I'm not sure how I like Ruby Mann. But gosh oh gosh, these little girls are so sweet! I hope things are going well1

Lauren said...

i just adore your little twinsees. you are going to be a terrific mother, just like Nan! i cannot wait to see more pictures of these gorgeous girls! xoxo

Adrienne Hansen said...

They are really so cute. Like obnoxiously cute. Can I have one? Either one? You choose which one. Ok?