Monday, July 30, 2012

My babies are sleeping but I'm not sleeping.

YOU GUYS.  The girls have begun to sleep from 8ish to 4ish or even 5ish sometimes. 

But lately, I can't fall asleep.  And then, I sleep horribly.  Every sound I hear, I wonder, are they awake?  Are they waking up?  Are they choking?  And then I can't fall asleep until I hear whoever's wiggling settle down, take another breath, etc. 

They haven't choked yet.

I'm thinking they're going to be ok.

Maybe it's for the best that we'll be in separate rooms soon (with a monitor). 

I'm still pretty tired, even though they sleep well nowadays.


Meg Morley Walter said...

so beautiful

Vienna said...

Those babies are GORGEOUS. Also, I had the exact same problem. I had wicked bad insomnia when Magnolia was around three months old or so. I think it lasted a couple months. It's the worst.

Lauren said...

ASH! i am IN LOVE with these gorgeous girls! they are so beautiful! you are so lucky! i miss you all so much! i hope we can come play soon!

love you!

Adrienne Hansen said...

I'll take one. K?