Friday, July 27, 2012


I was leaving my hotel room with my two babies in their carriers (and probably accidentally hitting them into walls, because let's face it--I have limp noodles for arms, and those babies are pretty heavy).  I passed the room next to me and saw two housekeepers sitting on the beds with the door open, watching TV. 

I thought that was odd.  But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

It's only been in the last week that I'm starting to feel like we might MAYBE have an established schedule.  At least in the morning.  Because in the afternoon, I generally have to get out of the room or I'll lose my mind a little.  Last night, the girls slept from about 9 pm until 5 AM!!!  Granted, they made noises here and there, and I haven't slept well since 1998, but it's a step forward.  Truth be told, they're pretty good sleepers though.  Except last night, I remember looking at the clock at 2:30 because they were making noises.  And then probably a couple more times before 5. 

But soon it won't matter anyway, because we'll be back in Utah, and they'll have THEIR OWN ROOM!  AND SEPARATE CRIBS!  I'm so excited about it I'm using all caps AND exclamation points!  AND I'll get to be reunited with my dogs.  Oh boy, the excitement is just all too much, it's a good thing I'm not a fainting goat or I wouldn't wake up until next Thursday.  (See the video reference here.  I'm not going to embed the video because I hardly ever watch videos on blogs, and I just don't want to do that to you.)

I'll miss my friends here in Elko, though.  It's been a good summer. 

In other news, I might be insane.  I told my hubby I thought it would be really cool to do Lotoja.  And then he seemed to think I could somehow do that by next year, so a year from September.  Guys.  I'm in horrible shape.  I think I would probably perish before mile 12.  But we'll see.  I don't even have a road bike.  And the girls aren't old enough to pop them in a bike trailer anyway, so. 

I'm excited to buy them little sweaters. 

Most of the time, I'm so happy I could POP.  Except on days when I'm tired, and then I feel like a bad mother.  And it's still weird to me that I'm a mother.  Pretty awesome, though. 

I launched my new photography website in the last week.  I know I said I was indecisive about it, but I made a decision, and I think still doing this is the right thing for me right now.  My babies are still my first priority, though, so this takes a backseat to them... but it's still fun for me.  Check it out if you want:

And lastly, a story:  I got a really bad ingrown toenail.  Last weekend it got infected (sorry, that's gross, I know, but this is going somewhere).  We were watching a show about the most influential musicians of all time, and Bob Marley came up.  I asked my housband how he died, and he said, "He got cancer from a toe infection."

I looked at him blankly, and I said, "Are you serious?"  He said yes.  I freaked out a little.  And then I laughed and laughed because I thought he was just messing with me due to my toe. 

Let's hope I don't meet the fate of Bob Marley. 

Ok see ya.


Lauren said...

ashlee! i love your blog. i was just telling rico the other night how funny i think you are and how much i LOVE reading your blog.

i looked up the link to LOTOJA and can i do it with you??? i'd LOVE to!

that's kinda funny about your toe, but i can relate, sorta... i always get paranoid about cancer. like once i had swollen lymph nodes and i thought it was a cancerous lump. and i have been having back issues for a month now, it's feeling better, so that is good, but when it first happened i worried that i might have a tumor in my spine. i know, crazy, but i have those thoughts.

miss you and your gorgeous twinsees! xo

Adrienne Hansen said...

Hahaha! You make me laugh. You go from lotoja and bike trailers to suddenly "I'm excited to buy them little sweaters." And then change subject. LOVE IT! LOVE YOU! LOVE THEM!!!

Micaela said...

you are always one of my favorite writers.

i can just picture the conversation about marley and your toe. ha! i don't know if you've had it fixed but instead of going to the hospital next time, suggestion- nail salon. I had a bad one i was worried about and my pedicure lady fixed it, easy and painless!

your girls? beautiful! as I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy in sept., the sweet panic has set in. I can't imagine how you're doing it with twins (though as a twin, what a special relationship your girls will always have with you, and each other). Your honesty about motherhood is a breath of fresh air.

actually, i've always thought that about you.


Whit said...

bahaha! i love you ash! please don't die from cancer because of your ingrown toenail. i had a couple in high school and had to go to the doctor because of them. to be honest, the worst pain of my life, right there in that doctor's office. even worse than delivery that little boy. no joke. but don't be scared - it's glorious once it's fixed!