Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I forgot to tell you: I had two more encounters with banana cream since I last wrote. Friday night, a slice of banana cream pie, and last night, a banana cream pie shake.

The slice of pie I had Friday was much more pie-ish, not like pudding. It was good, but not marvelous.

The shake was weird, to be honest.

I like to compare dessert to my life. Sometimes, good things in life that happen (like that banana cream pie) are so unbelievable, nothing compares. Then there are moments which are quietly good, but they're no zenith in my evening arc of sky--they're just not moments that I write about later, moments that I rewind and rewind and rewind in my mind until the tape's broken. They're good, not great. And then there are moments that are good, but have unexpected pepperings of weird... like an odd compliment from a stranger.

I once had a stranger in an airport come up to me and greet me with a different name. He went on for just a moment about things he and said person must have known about, and when he looked at my face, he asked, "Aren't you Stephanie? Stephanie from (somesuch place)?" I said no, he looked perplexed, and walked away.

It was weird.

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