Friday, October 24, 2008

Mission Accomplished

So, I did all those things. You know, the bike ride, the bubble bath, the blue covers, the book reading. (That's a lot of b's...)

All of those things have led me to a conclusion, which is: there is something to be said about spontaneity.

Oh, sure, it was all great and wonderful, but then I ended up feeling guilty because I wanted to get out of the tub after about 5 minutes (which was no good, because I had just spent an hour cleaning, scrubbing and polishing my bathroom, and I didn't feel like enjoying the tub after all that work... what is THAT?). I wanted to spend time with my husband instead. So I got out of the tub, and I did what I wanted, though I felt guilty for not enjoying the bath. I have a problem with guilt. I am good at making myself feel guilt.

So, I have decided to start doing what I want more often. Next week, I'm going to some antique stores. I am going to peruse until I'm content. I am going to make preparations for my husband's birthday, which I've been planning for WEEKS. I want it to be a great day for him... it's all in the details, and I have plenty of plans for the day.

This weekend, I'm going to hang out with my family. They're my best friends. I'm sleeping at my parents' house (my husband is out of town working), and I'm going to have a party. I might watch a movie, or play games, or stay up late or go to bed early... I just don't know!! It's going to be CRAZY!!!

I am on the road to a great weekend.

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