Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Belated! (II)

Ok, so I didn't post all the photos from housband's birthday. So, I have some more!

He opened presents throughout the day, and let me take as many photos as I wanted:

This was halfway through the day, some presents opened, some unopened:
I also gave him a mini-book type thing, where I wrote my favorite things about him... the number matched however-old-he-is-now... you can see the cover of it under the large package on the right side of the chair. He says it's his favorite gift! I took a photo of it, but I decided that's private, you sicko. Actually, I just don't want to embarrass him with my favorite things--some are funny, some are thoughtful, some are inside jokes. I must say, it's pretty brilliant and creative.

While he was at work, I left work a little early, came home, cleaned like crazy and got everything ready to surprise him with balloons and crepe paper and cleanliness! We went to my parents' house for a little dinner (Minnesota soup... actually, it wasn't that, but it's a lot easier than the actual name, so I think I'll continue calling it that..) and his present. After, we went to his family's house, where we had pumpkin pie--his favorite--and talked and laughed for a long time. It was great!

Finally, we came home again. We lit the trick candles:

And he blew them out, pretty easily.

So we lit them again, and let them burn longer.

I'm not great at baking, so I bought him a cake instead.

Lastly, we sat down to cake and drinks in our fancy goblets (which match the magnificent pitcher my sister gave us!):

Yeah... my cake tipped. Truly tragic.
It was a really good day.


Adrienne Hansen said...

Can I see the book? I want to see the book! You are creative! Good job Kleine!

Amy said...

I really love these pictures ... especially the last one. you are so talented.

and the comment for the previous post:
me too on so many of them -- especially the overwhelmed to the point of tears

Tori said...

I love the idea of the book, it's cute!!

I also really like your goblets [of fire] jk, they are classy and awesome!