Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm back

for now.

I have had a zenith of days... riding my bike, watering my flower bed, delighting in the joy that spring--finally, spring--brings. I am in love with life.

This is not to say that everything is perfect, but I think that's why everything is perfect: it's life at its best. My life isn't perfect, no, but it is perfect in its imperfection.

My house is a mess and I can never keep up with the dishes. I have been doing my hair with a functioning straightener [meaning: I can do more than keep it to its natural straightness]. It's finals week for my husband and I'm excited to finally have him to myself instead of sharing him with chemistry. I want to get a puppy, but I think waiting to get one makes it even better, more exciting. I'm feeling more comfortable with myself, and I'm letting my worries fly away [actually, it's more me shooing them away, with which I'm also ok]. I'm working on little projects, even if they're just in the planning stages.

I am dreaming and dreaming and dreaming about what the future holds.

I am taking photos. Here are a few [of my sister's children]:

There are many other really great ones... maybe someday I'll be able to sift through the millions of photos I have to process and post them, perhaps.

And I finally received my new lens. It is wonderful. See:

Ok, thanks for reading. Good-bye, friends.


Adrienne Hansen said...

Great photos! And I like the new lens. Yes, I do.

un bel oiseau said...

Oh my these are positively lovely! Can I ask what miraculous lens you got? I could always use a new toy. haha. thanks for posting!


Tori said...

love those pictures! paigey look soo sweet! And then the new lens rocks!!!

Amy said...

hot damn! those are some delicious kiddos! hahaha!

thanks ash!!!!!! I am in *** LOVE *** with my pictures. and those ones with the new lens .... well hot damn again.

(swears are just flying all over the place today!!! CAN'T EVEN HELP IT!!!)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the one of the gas station. The colors are amazing.

I'm trying to shoo my worries away, too. Problem is when I chase them out the door with the broom, and next thing I know they're climbing back in through the window.

Meg Fee said...

your joy is infectious, contagious. im gonna take some right now and run! i love those photos--especially the house!

Jasmine said...

well, meg just said it above, so i won't try to paraphrase. i feel like being content is such a spring feeling. i just love those moments!

i like this blog too by the way.