Monday, July 27, 2009

Tricky, tricky.

I have a lot of photos to show you. But first.

He wants to live near the mountains. He's a mountain-bred boy, and he wants to stay near them.

I want the ocean. The whole thing. In my front yard.

So, I say, how about California?

Too many people, he says.

East Coast?

No interest, he says. What about Colorado?

I think, Even further from the ocean? I don't know...

How about Washington or Oregon? I say, hoping he'll like these options.

Those could work, he says.

And I am ecstatic. Rain + ocean + somewhere new? Glorious.

I think too much about the future.

Photos from the family reunion.

Dog heaven. Rafting. Good time spent with family. Good weekend.

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summer said...

hi ash! wow. your photos are amazing. seriously! may i ask, what kind of camera do you use?