Tuesday, November 17, 2009

As I fell asleep

I think I should tell you by now, this far into our relationship, dear blog:  I have a problem falling asleep.  It's rare for me to be able to fall asleep right after my head meets the pillow.  Instead, I lie between the covers, thinking of things and becoming alternately hot and cold as I move one leg outside the covers, then back again.

I occasionally also curse our neighbor's front porch light, which shines right into our window; no matter how tight I turn the blinds, there's still plenty of light.

Anyway, last night, I was thinking of what to do with myself and what to write about here, mostly because my life is kind of predictable lately:  work, photography, time at home... not a lot of adventures.  It's dark when I get off work.

SO.  I have decided to start writing lists.  Boring, right?  But it's something, rather than nothing.

For my first list:  My top 10 favorite places I've ever been.

1.  Ithaca, New York
2.  Laguna Beach, California
3.  Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
4.  The Frog Spot, Connecticut (I'll have to write about that later)
5.  Boston, Massachusetts
6.  Santa Monica, California
7.  Los Angeles (especially Beverly Hills), California
8.  Balboa Island/Newport, California
9.  Minnetrista, Muncie, Indiana
10.  Gloucester, Massachusetts

Apparently, I need to go more places.  Still--in my mind, I can see a clear picture of each place in my mind.  If only you could see in there, too.  It'd be better than any photograph!  I should probably move to California.

Lastly, I think Sharon Montrose is trying to kill me.  I think it's not a coincidence that she posted these photos of golden retriever puppies on her blog yesterday.  It's a sign from the universe:  I need a golden retriever puppy.  Also, I'm pretty sure she's living my dream life of photographing animals. 

Both images by Sharon Montrose.

And with this issue of crazy, I'm going now.  


Micaela said...

i love lists! and i have the same problem... i can't sleep, and i'm not a morning person. A year later at my job... i'm not used to 8 a.m.

i've been late many times and i finally got the "talking to" in the office. really embarrassing.

yes, it's a sign of the unviverse- i love those puppy faces!

and i also love your new blog header.


Adrienne Hansen said...

i have been to:
1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9. We didn't have time for 10. And 4...nope. And 6...maybe I have been there. But I doubt it. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Come back to Boston! I'll buy you a doughnut.

aaron said...

I am responsible for seven of those ten.

Ithaca at number one? Cool. It was a heck of a place to live.