Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have a lot of random visitors to this site.  Hi, visitors!  But, what I'd really like, is if you're a regular reader/never-commenter, say hi.  Maybe your first name and location?  I'd just like to get an idea of who's out there.

In other news, I've been sick this week.  It's like a weird head-cold thing.  The last few years, I haven't been SICK sick, just mildly sick.  I'd almost rather get really sick and then be healthy for a long while than be sick like this twice a year.  It's kind of annoying.

I dreamed I got a third job last night.  It was a definite step down, but at least in my dream I got a new pair of shoes from it.

Also:  seriously, say hi.  I know there are a few people who probably read my blog pretty often who never say anything.  You're hurting all two of my feelings.  Ok, not really.  Seriously though.  Who are you?

Just a few photos from a Sunday at my in-laws' house.  

OH, and if you're curious, I've been posting photos on my official photo blog from my workshop.  Check it OUT!

Have a great Thursday.


Tori said...

all the hits are from me I like to hit your blog a lot from all types of different locations... ha ha jk! but I do really enjoy you and your blog! the end.

Amy said...

amy -- spanish fork ut.

sorry had to do it.

and sorry you are sick. that sucks. great pictures AS ALWAYS tabbertabs.

Aaron said...


formerly cambridge


Whit said...

Aggie alumni

Adrienne Hansen said...

uh...ade...logan. BORING.

why don't you say more like, who the efff are all of you? i bet people would fess up with the efff thing thrown in.

Becca's Bologna said...


Elizabeth said...

The sun in this last one is perfect.

First time visiting...cute blog :)