Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving.

Lately I've been looking through my boxes of saved things-- most of them art projects, some papers and stuff from elementary school, things like that.

I found many notes and a few letters from my parents; some, my mom slipped in my backpack to let me know she loves me or a quick note when I went to girl's camp. My dad wrote me a letter which I had completely forgotten about, and I was so glad I saved it, because I only have a few things like that from him--he's not as much of a note writer.

I've spent a lot of time with my mom in the last week, and whenever I do, I remember how glad I am to have her. Really, how glad I am for all my parents--all 6 of them. (Can't forget my in-laws.)This is all to say: I love my family, especially, lately, my mom.

This Thanksgiving, I am especially greatful for my family; I can't imagine a life without them. Though it's my first Thanksgiving without my mom, I am glad to spend it with my newer family--in-laws.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving. And to my family: I love and miss you all. Cause I know you'll read this probably some time.

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Adrienne Hansen said...

Oh. We missed you. Really, we did. Also, was that letter from dad from Christmas time? Maybe 1994? I have mine saved in a very special place and read it often. I have 2 letters from him and they are my most cherished dad things.

Also, mom. If I spent a week with her I'd want to die. Kill myself. Haha! That's mean, but we are too much alike. I'm still grateful for her though.