Saturday, November 28, 2009

So, here's the thing.

I love warm weather. I crave it all year long; I dream of living in Southern California.

But I also feel as though I'm betraying my hometown by wishing to live somewhere else.

Apparently, I have immense amounts of guilt attributed to things which don't have feelings.

PS- Thanksgiving in warm weather does not feel like Thanksgiving. Also, Christmas music in warm weather does not make sense.


Heather J said...

i crave that too! and i hope i get it some day soon.

i don't quite feel as though i'm betraying our little hometown because i think it knows that when i leave, it won't be forever. it's got some kind of weird drawing power that brings people back. it's home.

Anonymous said...

I feel that way, too! But then I wonder if living in a warm climate all the time would make me appreciate nice weather less. It's a conundrum.