Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring makes the world happy

Soon, the trees will be blooming.

We picked up our cruiser bikes last Friday night and since, I've been on five bike rides.  Today, Bagheera pulled me over with a big CRASHBANG because he had to go poop.

That little dog is strong.

Anyway, I didn't care so much except that my bike now makes weird noises, probably because of the basket and the way it's hooked on, but oh well.

The next-door neighbors were out back when I went to unlock my bike before we left.  Bagheera went to visit them and generally put his paws on them while wagging his tail so hard his entire back half swayed from side to side.  She (the neighbor) said (after I told her it might be an interesting ride with a leashed dog), good luck!  When I came back, she said, you made it!  And I said, yes, but he pulled me over once, and now my bike makes noises.

Isn't life so silly sometimes. 

Also, the neighbors are really very nice, and I don't know why, but I haven't really bothered before.  So maybe I'll make some new friends.  But they're neater than me, and I can tell because they were doing laundry today--I haven't done mine in over a week and my bedroom's messy.


I just finished looking through over 1,000 of my grandpa's negatives which my uncle scanned last summer.  I think I'll share more because they make me so happy, and this is my blog, and I like posting that which makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

These pictures are so awesome. And your puppy sounds like a wacky delight.

Adrienne Hansen said...

i despise laundry. i would so much rather throw out dirty clothes and buy new clothes. every day. for reals. HATE laundry.

Aaron said...

that last picture is very, very cool. how can i get access to some of these, atch?