Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last night,

I ran over Bert with my bike.  Don't worry--I didn't do it on purpose, and he's just fine.  Nonetheless, it scared the crap out of me and I'm still traumatized.  I think, however, he is fine--he was hopping around like nothing happened directly after THE INCIDENT. 

August is well on its way, and every year I'm surprised by how pleasant it actually is, because for a few years it was less than ideal.  Probably because it's hot and school is beginning (and now without me in it), and there's not a lot to which I can look forward. 

But I've noticed something since being out of school; life is a bit more steady and has fewer ups and downs in the sense that I know, generally, what my days will be like.  Plus, I can make a lot more plans and actually follow through with them.  The other day, I wanted to work on a certain art project and I thought, why not now?  So I did it.  Then I was at Bear Lake the other day and I wanted to go deeper, so I left Bagheera with my husband (Bert was already drying off) and went deeper, catching waves and letting them carry me closer to shore with each pull.  I suppose that was sort of unrelated, but I think I've had a better attitude since getting a feel for my free time.

I'm feeling a lot of carpe diem feelings lately, and I quite like it.  Perhaps I'll start doing yoga or something.  (Truthfully, it sounds great in theory, but I can't seem to get the breathing and stretching in sync... Coordination isn't my forte.)  I've had numerous dreams lately about getting back into tennis-playing shape, so maybe I'll do that. 

And if nothing else, the sky is a wonderful blue lately, I've taken lots of photos, I drive around with the windows down, the grass is extra green, and I have two dogs and a husband. 

So, life is good. 

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