Thursday, January 13, 2011

I began the New Year

listening with my mom to the hollers and cheers and happiest of new year exclamations.

To be honest:  I yelled before listening, my own HAPPY NEW YEAR sort of thing.

To be even more honest:  It was sort of nice to just listen to all those people out there, celebrating in their own ways, instead of making all the noise myself.

If I were to tell you the absolute truth of my heart, it would be this:  I love synchronicity.  Swimming, people turning in a left-hand turn lane in unison, police riding motorcycles in a parade, etc, etc.  It gives me a squirm of delight, and I am not ashamed.

Also, happy new year.  I fear I've become a little blog-shy; I'm not sure why, but maybe I'll go brain-shrink myself and come back with an answer.

In the meantime, I have two puppies and a housband to go bother.  Or a house to clean.  I don't know!!!  But I have all night to decide!!!

One Last Thing:  I don't know if it's the fact that it gets dark so darn early or what, but I'm struggling to find inspiration to pick up my camera.  Please pray for me that some inspiration will hit, or that someone will come along, wanting me to photograph them.  Or that I'll have some daylight hours free for a change.  That'd be good.  Ok see ya.

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