Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's finally past the middle of January.

Which means that January is almost over.  AND it means that Valentine's Day will soon be here.

I have a secret to tell you:  I think Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.  It's not that I expect great things from it, like presents and surprises and undying declarations of love; no, not that.  I just remember Valentine's days growing up as sweet and simple.  My mom gave me something small every year, made treats, and decked the house in hearts and pretty pink things.  I think I'd like to continue that tradition and keep on loving Valentine's Day properly and with abandon.

I also quite enjoy St. Patrick's day, but I enjoy it more when I happen to be in a big city.  It's a bigger deal elsewhere than my little town, and I like that.  Something about people celebrating in unison (I told you I really like synchronicity).

ANYhow, I plan on decking our little apartment out in pink stuff and hearts and perhaps I'll even find time to dye Bert pink.  Probably not, but maybe. 

This weekend, I rearranged our bedroom furniture and vacuumed places I haven't been able to reach because my vacuum is not wonderful.  Let me tell you something:  that furniture is NOT LIGHT.  I thought about going to Pilates on Saturday morning but by the time I was doing rearranging, late in the afternoon, I think I got a better workout doing that anyway.  Then I wandered around Home Depot for an hour or so to pick the perfect wood, paint and screws for a project on which I am currently working.  The guy who helped me cut the piece of pine was Australian and asked if I'm a "creative."  I didn't know what to say.  So I said, "I guess so." 

Also, we watched animal hoarders Friday night, which made me want to get rid of everything I own, except, somehow, my dogs.  Then last night, housband made me watch this show about mice, cockroach, and other nasty infestations, so my skin's kind of crawling right now just thinking about it.  And I'm really thinking about getting rid of everything I own.  (Do you want any art projects I made while in elementary school?  How about random drawings?  No?)

On the other hand, I rented an Apartment Therapy design book from the library.  (Do you rent books?  I rent books.  I prefer calling them rented to checked out.  I don't know why.)  I'm now inspired to paint all our walls, build a ton of crap with wood, and basking in the awesomeness that is my apartment.  We'll see if it happens.  I have a lot of plans.  No money, but a lot of plans. 

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Whit said...

sounds like fun, ash. i would like to see your projects!