Monday, May 23, 2011

I think I will always remember.

Five years ago today, I put my dog, Patches, to sleep.

That was far and away one of the hardest things of my life and has still continued to affect me, even now. I don't think about it as much anymore, and yet. Here it is again: May 23.

My head hurts, and it's been a mostly rainy May. I have a sinus and ear infection, but I'm thinking and hoping the sun will come out for good really soon.


Micaela said...

<3 hugs.

Adrienne Hansen said...

You make me cry every time you bring this up. EVERY SINGLE TIME! She was such a good puppy. She was there through the worst of it and even the best of it. I don't think we will ever really fully get over her. So gosh darn it, why did we have to go out and get attached to new dogs? Just imagine what we will be like when it's their time to go. I just hope I'm not across the country when it does. THAT sucked.

Anyways...come over soon. Ok? Ok. I have more round up for your doggies to eat. HAHAHAHA!

(Totally inappropriate for what was said in paragraph 1...oh well)