Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4 years

Four years ago, it was a great day to be marriaged.

In the past year, we have:

  • Lived (nearly) separately for four months (that was a doozy)
  • Had 5 jobs between the two of us
  • Rode our bikes miles and miles
  • Walked our dogs miles and miles

  •  Had 1 car engine blow up on us
  • Bought 1 new (to us) car
  • Traveled to many (many) soccer games

  • Welcomed a new little niece
  • Saw my oldest brother get married
  • Moved in with parents
  • ...And subsequently moved most of our belongings into a playhouse out back

  • Lastly, we readied ourselves to have two new little people join our family... any day now.
It has been a really great year.   Probably our biggest year yet!  And we made it!  Huzzah!

(I've really been hoping the girls don't decide to come today... but I don't think they will.  This is our special day!  They can have any other day!  Ha.  Cross your fingers for me, ok?)


Tannie Datwyler said...

Those pictures are so lovely. You two look incredibly happy!! Happy anniversary to you. :)

Audrey said...

I hope the girls didn't come. My due date was our anniversary and I seriously thought about lying to my child about her birthday if she came that day. Luckily she didn't.

Adrienne Hansen said...

Oh whoops! Happy Anniversary!!!