Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I just watched

Kid History on youtube.  4 episodes.  I think the laughing is going to send me into really early labor, so I had to stop. 

But now the babies are having a Cinco de Mayo celebration in there, so I guess they must be alright.

I feel as though I should be updating more often, but there are details I'd like to keep to myself (we all know you don't want to know about stretch marks--their presence or lack thereof, plus other things) so I never really know what to share.

I have an ultrasound and appointment on Friday morning at 7 a.m.  I have no idea what I was smoking when I thought I could do that, but do it I will.  Even if it kills me.  (It might.)  Then, Saturday I have a baby shower!  I'm excited! 

I've noticed that I haven't really had people/strangers touching me, but then I realized it's probably because I honestly don't go that many places/do that many things outside of work.  I guess I don't have the energy, plus it's winter, PLUS I love staying home, so all those things combined kind of make it easy for me to not get a lot of feedback from strangers.  However, even in my regular workplaces, people (and kids) are beginning to stare at my belly.  I guess it's getting big.  I don't really know because I'm around me all day, every day. 

Today, I got some maternity shirts in the mail!  It's a miracle because my clothes are not really fitting.  Even my maternity jeans are starting to hurt a bit... I told my housband just today that the girls might come out with cone heads after being squished by my maternity jean waistbands.  I wish they had maternity socks--or, socks made for pregnant women to make it easier to get them on independently.  Is that a thing?  Can we make that a thing?  I think that should be a thing.  I got these awesome boots for Christmas, but I had to retire them as of mid-January because I can no longer pull them on by myself.  So, I guess I'll look forward to wearing those next winter.

Lastly, Bert has recently decided he's tired much earlier than the rest of us.  He puts himself to bed on our bed at least an hour earlier than we get there, unless we're all downstairs watching a movie.  Then he sits on my legs and gets up and down about 45 times a minute, which is really annoying.  Anyway, several times this week I've gone into our room to discover Bert totally out on the bed.  He acts so disgruntled when I have to wake him up to get him on his own dog bed, though. 

Happiness really is a warm puppy.  A warm puppy with a home haircut.

Besides all that, I'm doing really well and I honestly can't complain too much.  Simple things are getting harder to do, but I feel quite blessed because I'm still functioning and working and able to move around pretty well.  I've been having a bunch of contractions but I'm not too worried about them at this point, mostly because I know what to watch out for to know it's the real thing.  I honestly think the worst part of being pregnant has been those bug bites (which I wrote about here).*  Tomorrow I'll be 31 weeks... not too much longer and we're going to have TWO little girlies in our house to liven things up!

Because I'm boring. 

P.S.  For Valentine's Day, we watched Breaking Dawn.  No, mom, I didn't have any seizures at the blinking lights.  Though I covered my eyes... just in case.  Also?  Who knew plain granola was so tasty?  Just wondering.  Completely unrelated.

*I never followed up about those bites, by the way.  I don't think they were flea bites or bed bugs... both the housband and I believe they were spider bites because I ended up having to go on an antibiotic--an antibiotic which smelled horrible and tasted the same, and ended up being the worst part about my Christmas and break from work because they were like the smell of Yellowstone in a tiny bottle--due to a pretty nasty infection.  I wasn't too happy about that, but they were pretty scary looking, and I sort of like my leg/skin/children/life.

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Adrienne Hansen said...

Gross! I hate spiders! ANd I recently had to take an awful antibiotic. It was SO gross. I almost died from taking it. Bert is silly. So, so silly! And what else? Ummm...let's invent maternity socks. I think that could be a thing. This is all.